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guitar lesson bucket 101

Still trying to figure out how to begin with guitar? Look no further my bodacious friend. I have the resources to get you started. I have compiled my best guitar tutorials and placed them in order. Just start with the first one and then the next. You may not be a pro by the end […] Read More

RGG blog6

I remember starting guitar when I was around 8 years old. I hated it. My dad gave me his old guitar from childhood and a guitar chord chart and kind of just let do my thing. He didn't really show me anything I just picked up a few chords and that's about it. I just […] Read More

Guitar Capo Secrets Part 5

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Who's Tim Hughes? Those were my thoughts at the Rock Harbor church worship leader conference in Orange County a few years back. As Tim Hughes was talking about a particular song he wrote I sat down on my seat wondering who he was. One tune in particular, he was mentioning it was a song that […] Read More

Guitar Capo Secrets Part 4

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Stuck in my room trying to figure out this 4 second sax riff. Back then we didn't have apps like transcribe or the amazing slow downer app. What I had to do was rewind the tape a hundred times to capture those few second of an incredibly fast sax line. Eventually, I got it down […] Read More

Guitar Capo Secrets Part 3

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I've liked this girl for awhile now. She was a nice girl, cute and pretty. Her friends were my friends friends. If that makes any sense... Every time I'd meet up with my buddies she always tagged along and kept throwing my those little hints. But I was too dumb and scared to figure out […] Read More

Guitar Capo Secrets Part 2

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if you have missed the first part. Go ahead and click here.. The second part of this tutorial is even juicier. I go deep into how you can really play in any key with a just a few simple moves. I also expand into your diatonic modes and a couple of more chords to spicy […] Read More

Guitar Capo Secrets Part 1

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"Yup.." I answered back. "Ok, just as long as long as my brain doesn't melt and come out of my ears." Corey mumbled. "Maybe just a little. But, don't worry I got the brain melting first aid kid on my shelf just in case." I teased. "After this ill show you the guitar Capo secrets." […] Read More

open hammer pick guitar hammer on

As I'm sitting in isolation listening to some nice classical music that will soothe and relax my mind. I can't seem to think of an opening line. I'm having brain farts! So I guess this is what I'm going to begin with. God please help me with this next guitar tutorial. I have the topic […] Read More

Guitar strumming pattern 8

He was always ready with his guitar which was a good thing. Steve plugged right into the small practice amp that I had in my studio. "Ok, let's go over that two hand tap pattern that we covered last week," I said. With an immense flurry, Steve was totally ripping on that guitar. For a […] Read More

cuttin your guitar practice routine in half

I asked 12 year old Armando,  "So, what is your goal as a guitar player?" He said, "I wanna be the best guitar player that ever lived!" Then I said, "Really? Well then, all you have to do is create a fool proof guitar practice routine and find a witch and pay her to put […] Read More