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Let's see what Md has in store us today. Last blog there was some communication exaggeration issue between the band during the set. Md stepped right in and mentioned that he has a simple solution. Read on and see what he has in store.   Here are the links to the products that were recommended depending […] Read More

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I remember always throwing hand signals or giving that certain look and for some reason that get what I'm trying to say. Other times it can get out of hand. Check out and see how these misfit create communication exaggeration.   Thanks for reading, hopefully I didn't leave you hanging at the end like some […] Read More

Love Trinity for Worship Teams

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Last post we talked about the LOVE word and how it's a crucial component in your worship team. I have also talked about before the Connection Trinity, and the Growth Trinity and how these fundamentals will skyrocket growth in your worship team. Just like the Gospel Trinity which is: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the "Love […] Read More

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Every worship team needs to meet the vision and greater expectations of the ministry or church. Your leader is supposed to make sure that the vision and expectations are cast and met consistently, so that the members of your team will understand what they are supposed to accomplish. Here is a silly example on how […] Read More

Handling Musical Flakes

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What do you do […] Read More

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  […] Read More