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Unlocking my car door I hoped in feeling bloated from that grand slam dinner I had with Jose at Denny's. As Jose hoped in the passenger seat I was scrambled looking around for my iPod thinking it might have fell in between the seats. Then Jose said, "Hey bro, look back!" I turned around. A […] Read More

Behind-the-Scenes--Creating-the-Guitar-Samurai 1

Hello there friend. I thought I'd create another behind the scenes look at my cartooning process. This will be my second behind the scenes look. Click here for my first behind the scenes post. I figured I'd create this post based on the Guitar Samarai slicing the guitar in half with bits and pieces flying […] Read More

Out of thyme process

But what really fascinated me was watching behind the scenes of movies and cartoons. The process was very interesting to me. The way you can create something in your head and bring it to life was mind blowing. I decided to create the behind the scenes of one of my comic gags. Ok, for starters […] Read More

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Most folks live very secretive lives, are very private and would not want anyone to poke around their personal life. Not me! Well... I used to be like that. I have learned that if you allow people in your life than you will live a life of abundance. You'll make relationships that can last for […] Read More