Bass Lessons 101: Part 5: Cool Slides and Exercises


Last tutorial was a great start to get you grooving, and if you missed it click here.

If you’re a green horn and just stumbled into this tutorial then click here to get you started.

I have for you three cool bass slides that you can use as fillers in between bass grooves or turnarounds.

Just click on the audio tracks for instructions.

Bah – Woosh Slide:


Boom Bass Slide:


Zippy Bass Slide:


Before the end of this tutorial I’d like to give you a few more exercises for your fingers to complete the exercises for all five lessons. Click on the audio track to receive full instructions. You can also share and download the track.


Bass Octaves Exercise:


Thinking Musician Bass Octaves


Bass Box Pattern Exercise:


Thinking Musician Bass Box Pattern


Minor Pentatonic Exercise:


Thinking Musician Bass Minor Pentatonic


We have arrived at the end of this entire bass tutorial. Whew!

It’s been a good ride my friend and don’t leave without leaving a comment and letting me know what I can do to improve further.

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Thanks buddy, It’s late and I’m gonna go crash.

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