Bass Lessons 101: Part 2: Hammer Ons Pull Offs and a Groove


I hope you’ve enjoyed the last bass tutorial.

If you haven’t check out part one then click here to get a step ahead.

Let’s move on to the second part


This technique can give your tons of advantages in your playing. It’s widely used even with guitar players. Click on the audio.

Index Ring Hammer-On



Thinking Muaician Bass Index Index Hammer on Exercises

Index Ring Hammer-On

Chromatic Hammer-On



Thinking Muaician Bass Chromatic Hammer on Exercises

Chromatic Hammer-On

Pull Offs:

The very opposite of the hammer on. Lots of grooves are played based off a combination of both the pull off and hammer ons. Click on audio track.

Ring Index Pull-Off



Thinking Muaician Bass Ring Index Hammer on Exercises

Ring Index Pull-Off

Chromatic Pull-Off



Thinking Muaician Bass Chromatic Pull off Exercises

Chromatic Pull-Off

Dupa Funk Groove

Finally after all these boring exercise your hands are ready to start a basic groove to get you excited. Don’t rush the process. Click in the following audio track.


Don’t get bogged down with the crazy rhythm in the tab below, just follow the notes and listen. You can also download the beat below and play along.


Dupa Funk Groove


Wow, we’re done, now you got some strength in your fingers and a cool bass line to get you grooving. I can see you now 😉

See ya next lesson my friend.

If you’ve missed part one click here.

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