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Welcome. Thinking musician is a cartoon about musicians for musicians.

Who’s the cartoonist?

R.D. Aragon is a cartoonist, best-selling author, music educator, professional musician, songwriter and entrepreneur, based in Los Angeles, CA.  He loves long walks on the freeway during rush hour, McDonalds chocolate dipped ice cream cone, punching annoying people and reading on the toilet. He dislikes dying, the fed and Justin Bieber.

R.D. Aragon

R.D. Aragon

Here’s a teeny weeny bit of what he’s done in the past 20 years. Performed and traveled with Award winning artists such as: Yolanda AdamsOzomatliMatthai from the show ‘The Voice”, Actress and singer Rhea Bailey, sister of Corrine Bailey Rae, International Hong Kong Legend Francis YipNiki Crawford, Joshua Paige and Israel Houghton just to name a few. Even though he has traveled the world and have gotten the privilege to grace the stage with world class musicians he’s still hustling for that next gig, it’s a never ended battle, so he became a cartoonist and entrepreneur.

For the last 15 years he taught and reached thousands of music students, working in schools like Yamaha Music Academy. Studied animation at the American Animation Institute in Burbank, Ca and Cerritos College. He’s also studied music at Cerritos College and Fullerton College, all schools are located in southern California.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 3.19.19 PMAlso is the author of the Amazon’s best-selling guitar book, “The Only Beginners Guitar Book You’ll Ever Need!”. Featured on New York Times Best Selling Cartoonist, Gavin Aung’s site Zen Pencils. Check it out by clicking on the Zen guy to the left. 



A little more about me. Click below.

A bit more about me More About Roland 4 Scary, Embarrassing Moments in my Life

Why did you create Thinking Musician?

As a kid I wanted to grow up and become a cartoonist and musician. I ended up becoming a music educator and professional musician instead. I lost my passion for cartooning in my young adult years, because I got bit by the music bug.

One day teaching a young guitar student, I got frustrated with one of the music method books, because the material was lacking in certain areas and plus music method books are just instructional manuals.

Here’s a fact: People hate instruction manuals, but they love stories, because stories have emotion and conflict into them and instruction manuals don’t.

I thought to myself, “What if I can create a story with embedded music lessons. Or even better, how about a comic book with music lessons?” I think young musicians will totally dig it. My passions for cartoons was reborn, now with both passions combined I believe it’s a great combination.

That’s how Thinking Musician was birthed into infancy.

What to expect. 

Expect to laugh and giggle like a little school girl and learn music as well. Each story is embedded with real music lessons and music entrepreneurship tips written from an actual living, breathing pro musician.

I have questions about music or an idea for a story?

Awesome! Click here and you can submit your question. Just give me a bit of time to answer, my inbox always gets full of questions.

Do you teach music privately?

I taught guitar, bass and piano for over 15 years and I loved it, but since then I started this site it has taken up a lot of my time. I had over 40 weekly private lessons, which ate up most of my week, so I decided to take an early retirement to dedicate to this site and other business ventures.

Do you have any educational music material, like books or DVDs that I can buy?

I actually do! Click here and go to my books page, there you’ll find some really cool books.

What’s a Thinking Musician?

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How often do you update?

Expect a new comic lesson 1-2 per week.

How do you create comics? 

Behind the Scenes: Creating the Guitar Samurai Behind the Scenes: A look at me cartoon process

What are my super powers?

My power would be to have the greatest memory of all time and control peoples thoughts.  Muahahaha!

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