8 Tips on Weeding out Bad Weed in your Team

As a music director,

If there is one thing I could have done correctly in the beginning. That one thing would be to qualify the new band members and make sure to not let any crazies in.

Over 10 years back I was chosen to become music director for my church. To make a long story short, I inherited a lemon, a very sour lemon. The old music director was not organized at all, we never had rehearsals, now that I look at it, the music director really never had much power to do anything I guess he was a puppet and the church board was his puppet master.

He eventually left and I was next to be controlled. As a professional musician I believe you have to be prepared and rehearse. Since a lot of bad habits have been already tattooed in the band members minds, it was tough to break them.

After so many years of failure and mistakes I have finally figured out how to fix problems within worship teams. It’s so simple but yet very hard to do. And here it is, when a problem occurs within one of your band mates. You first:

1. Address and try to fix the problem ASAP!

If you let the problem linger it will only get worse.

If that doesn’t work then you….

2. Get rid of the problem!

That’s it, It’s so simple, but everybody has a different situation either way it has to be done or your team will suffer.

After so many attempts trying to fix the issues with my old worship team years ago if I had the power (which I didn’t.) I would of gotten rid of everyone but maybe one or two.

That’s enough about me, here are 8 tips on weeding out the bad weed in your team..

38 pulling out bad weed
I know what your going to say, probation? Are you serious?

Yes, I am! God wants commitment and God will test you just like he does to me every day and to you. We are not perfect beings but we have to set boundaries and limitations within our team for it to survive.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.
Proverbs 16:3

This journey will be tough for everyone, all you have to do is apply faith and reason and God will provide.

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God Bless (Dios te Bendiga)


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