29 Ultimate Qualities of a Band Member

“He smelled like weed! Should we call him back?” I asked.

Nah! If we do Ill keep getting the munchies during rehearsals. Haha! Jim giggled.

“That’s the eighth drummer we’ve audition and ever single one had their ups and downs. Man, it’s hard finding the right guy..”  I sighed.

It’s always hard to find good help especially in a band situation. You get all kinds of characters. If I were to find the ultimate band member he or she would have all of these qualities.

Ultimately, the leader is responsible for the success of the group. Before you read the list check out the 35 qualities of a music director and see if you fit the standard.

29 ultimate qualities of a band member.

  1. Similar Goals: Each band member must have the exact same purpose and destination in order for the band to succeed. Everyone has the right change their mind. But just like Stephen Covey states: “Everyone has to have the end in mind”
  2. Music Skills: Each group has their certain style of music. Your ability to obtain the skills to perform the tunes is essential.
  3. People Skills: This is very important. If a particular band members social skills needs an upgrade then maybe you should seconded guess his application.
  4. Equal Interests: Some band members have nothing in common which can lead to unrest. I have stories.
  5. Same Influences: Different musical influences can either make or break your band. There has to be some mutual influences in musical styles in order for the music to gel.
  6. Team Player: I love a band member who’s willing to go with the flow.
  7. Chops: This is a musical term meaning “great technique”. I definitely look for flash every now and then.
  8. Dependability: Nobody’s perfect. I’m guilty of being flakey in the past, but that’s no longer the case. I’m looking for someone I can really depend on.
  9. Energy: People can really be party poopers. Look for someone who’s going to bring a new light to your band.
  10. Step Ahead: Sometimes they’re band members who are way ahead of me in ideas. That’s great contribution to the team.
  11. Learner: I’m a huge learner. A band member who’s always looking to improve their abilities and themselves is a big plus in my band.
  12. Selfless: This world is full selflessness. I require musicians who think of others not just themselves.
  13. Never Quit Attitude: I played in a cover band years back. Chad the singer didn’t have the voice for funk and RnB, only punk and rock. That didn’t stop him. Chad practice everyday and didn’t quit. We cut him eventually but his attitude was on point.
  14. Servants Heart: The drummer always has the big task of carrying the gear. When I  see a band member just standing there not helping I want to kick him in the face. Sorry for the violence but it always happens.
  15. Hard Worker: I dont think I need to say much about this quality.
  16. Integrity: Two-face people are rampant in the music industry. Honest, consistent, we’ll intentioned folks are key to a successful band.
  17. Loyalty: Every band member has the right to play in as many bands as they please. The question is, “Where does their loyalty land?”
  18. Experience: This is a no brainer. Of course you need experienced musicians.
  19. Like Ability: If the guy or gal is not easy going or like able and can’t take a joke. Then they get the boot.
  20. Drug and Substance Abuse: Drug free is the key and alcohol abuse many times leads to poor judgment. Give a drunk a drink and your band will drown.
  21. Drama Free: Save the drama for your mama! Not in my band. I want a drama free band.
  22. Communication: If there is no consideration in texting or calling someone that you’re not going to make it or be late then stay home forever.
  23. Adaptable: Eclectic musicians can switch back and forth with many styles. This is a plus for me.
  24. Prepped: Please don’t come to practice saying you had no time to rehearse. That’s total disrespect to the music and your team.
  25. Creativity: This is a must requirement. Music is pure creativity and we live in a world full of copycats.
  26. Music Theory: Not a must requirement for me but a huge plus for.
  27. Great listener: Probably the number one skill in music.
  28. Family Oriented: God and family is number one for me. I like to think of my band mates as family members.
  29. Musical Passion: Music doesn’t really have to your full time job, but if it is then I know we’re on the same wavelength. My buddy Jermaine works for the gas company but his passion is music and when he’s not reading meters he’s writing songs and gigging every weekend.


That pretty much sums up everything that I can muster that would make up for the ultimate band member. Though I think it would be impossible to find all these qualities in a musician, I’m sure they are out there somewhere. There are certain qualities that are a must for any band.

I hope you dig the list of the 29 qualities of the ultimate band member. Sorry, I couldn’t thumb up the 30th guality but my brain is fried. Please share this post with your buddy by clicking on the social media links below.


What do you think would be the 30th quality?

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