October 2015

The $850 million dollar Trumpet Player

Herb Alpert

  Who could it be? Mile Davis? Arturo Sandoval? Wynton Marsalis? Dizzy Gillespie? Nope. Herb Alpert is the man, with a combined wealth of $850 million dollars. Combine all the trumpets players net worth above and they wouldn't come close.  Miles Davis's net worth was only $10 million. How is it, one of greatest trumpets players of […] Read More

Jennifer Lopez: The $300 million dollar Latin Diva that’s still looking.


Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born on July 24, 1969, In a small neighborhood called Castle Hill in the Bronx. At the young age of five she began taking singing and dancing lessons and pretty much flourished. Her parents obviously didn't agree with her decisions to pursue entertainment as a career choice but her ambitions led […] Read More

Matt Farley: The $23,000 musician that writes about poop.

Matt farley

I know a guy by the name of Matt Farley that has written dozens on tunes about poop. Not only that he makes roughly $23,000 on song royalties from a catalog of 18,000 songs as of to date. Which you can all listen to on iTunes or Spotify. Who has $18,000 songs? I don't think […] Read More

Paul Cardall: The New Age pianist with a heart transplant.

Paul Cardall

  Quoting Paul Cardall from an interview on YouTube. Check it out here. Paul Cardall was born with a congenital heart defect and has gone through numerous surgeries in his life. He has also survived a heart transplant waiting for an entire year for a donation. Not only that, Paul has had two #1 albums […] Read More