August 2015

Bass Lessons 101: Part 4: All About the Bass Grooves


Is the basis of today's popular music. Without groove you won't dance, tap your foot or bob your head. What provides the groove? You guessed it, the BASS! I have for you five great bass lines, all different styles ranging from jazz to funk. Enjoy them and practice smarter not harder. If you're a newbie […] Read More

Bass Lessons 101: Part 3: How To Practice Bass Guitar


That's what I use to say, but when I realized the greats like Parker and Coltrane practiced their ass off, I had to make a decision whether I would take it seriously or not. There is no such thing as God given talent! I'm going say that again. There is no such thing as God […] Read More

Bass Lessons 101: Part 2: Hammer Ons Pull Offs and a Groove


If you haven't check out part one then click here to get a step ahead. This technique can give your tons of advantages in your playing. It's widely used even with guitar players. Click on the audio.         The very opposite of the hammer on. Lots of grooves are played based off […] Read More

Bass Lessons 101: Part 1: Basic Positions 4 Basic Bass Exercises


In the past I've written guitar tutorials, now it's time for my favorite instrument, "The Bass!" I've been a professional working bassist and instructor for almost 15 years as of this date of this tutorial. Now it's time to share my knowledge with you guys. Shall we begin. There are many ways to hold the […] Read More

Thinking Music Theory 101: Pentatonics and Blues Scale


No they're not a new cheezy pop group. There're the most widely used scales. "Penta" means five and "Tonic" means note. Thus a five note scale, the most commonly used of all pentatonics scales are the major and minor pentatonics. note: If this is your first time reading this lesson, then I would suggest to […] Read More