May 2015

Behind the Scenes: Creating the Guitar Samurai

Behind-the-Scenes--Creating-the-Guitar-Samurai 1

Hello there friend. I thought I'd create another behind the scenes look at my cartooning process. This will be my second behind the scenes look. Click here for my first behind the scenes post. I figured I'd create this post based on the Guitar Samarai slicing the guitar in half with bits and pieces flying […] Read More

What 18 Musicians Can Teach You About the Music Business

What 18 Musicians Can Teach You About the Music Business

Ever heard of Tidal? You're probably thinking... Oh no! Not another music streaming service. We already got Spotify, Pandora, iTunes and Napster. But..... I hear Tidal will be user friendly for struggling musicians trying to make a buck. It's been said that Tidals music royalties to artists are four times as much than Spotify. Click […] Read More

4 Unquestionable Skills of a Successful Musician

4 skills to success

When I was a kid I was scared to death! Scared to death of people of critisizing or rejecting my own performance. In my high school jazz band I played Tenor Saxaphone, and we played the tune, "Respect" by Aretha Franklin. As you all know, "Respect" has this killer sax solo. And of course yours […] Read More

10 Core Attributes of a Thinking Musician

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In a previous post I wrote this monster list of the "63 Attributes of a thinking musician". You can check it out here. The point of that post was so you can learn what it takes to become a true thinking musician. But that list is a monster to memorize so I had to condense […] Read More