April 2015

44 Music Careers to Choose From

Musician trying to find a job

"Hey, what's wrong Jumbo stop being a baby?" Toe said. "Shut up man, I'm just being expressive dude. Leave me alone." Jumbo replied. "If you don't tell me what's going on I'm not gonna treat you to the "Burrito mansion" up on Pico Ave. Spill it bro!" Toe said. "I want that burrito monster supreme. […] Read More

The Biggest Marketing Mistake Your Band is Making.

The biggest marketing mistake your band is making.

  Text message: Singer: Hey, I got some tickets for you to sell for the House of Blues gig. How many do you want? Guitarist: Uh, I dunno, maybe 5. Singer: Are you sure? We may need to sell way more to get more heads in the door. Guitarist: Maybe a couple more then. Singer: […] Read More

How Independent Artists Can Make a Killing at their Shows

How Independent artists can make a killing at shows

"Tim, how much cash did we make on merch?" I asked. "Oh about $450." Tim responded. "Awesome, so how do we split it between the band? I blurted. "Uh, not today dude, we gotta save for mixing and mastering the album." Tim said. Just on a side note, the album in question as of today […] Read More

Discover the 63 Attributes of a Thinking Musician

Attributes of a thinking musician

The way we think, behave, feel, act, talk, believe and value will affect the way we approach our music career. At this age and time that I write this, musicians need a new way of thinking. 100 years from now musicians should be able to apply for jobs at a music company just like applying […] Read More