February 2015

Learn from the 10 Wealthiest Musicians on the Freaking Planet.

Learn from one of the wealthiest musicians on the freaking planet!!

In our economy they're two types of people. You are either an: Employee or Employer Buyer or Seller Worker or Boss Consumer or Producer Copier or Creator Member or Leader Musician or Music Director Performer or Composer Customer or Investor Spender or Saver At the end of the day our happiness can be fulfilled whether we're […] Read More

10 Things Famous Musicians Taught Me About Being Broke and Stupid!

Broke Musician Tips

It's Friday, payday, playday. Finally I can buy that dope Boss Limited Enhancer and effects pedal for my bass. Guitar Center here we come baby. I struck a sweet deal with the sales rep and he gave me 10% off. Not bad eh? Over the weekend I spent hours experimenting with the zillion of effects […] Read More

Star Krak: 10 Critical Factors for an Amazing Crew Part 5

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If this is your first time reading this than you're probably pretty confused with the plot. If that's the case than click here to catch up. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 I would like to recap the: 10 Critical factors for an amazing crew. Respect. Empower your crew. Always learn and discover […] Read More