November 2014

11 Habits of Musical Geniuses

86 steps to musical genius

  I hope you have enjoyed the comic and please share it with your friends on social media. If you think I have missed a genius quality please list it in the comments below. Thanks for reading my friend.     […] Read More

Formula for Terrible Musicianship

To be terrible:

Formula for terrible musicianship. Back when I was in the junior high intermediate band there was this kid named Robert. And man this kid sucked at clarinet. I don't mean to be jerk but this kid squeaked and squawked every other quarter note. He seemed to be a very studious student, but just didn't have […] Read More

Get Started With the Rookie Guitar Guide

RGG blog6

I remember starting guitar when I was around 8 years old. I hated it. My dad gave me his old guitar from childhood and a guitar chord chart and kind of just let do my thing. He didn't really show me anything I just picked up a few chords and that's about it. I just […] Read More