October 2014

The Best Practice Technique Nobody Uses

best practice technique nobody uses

"No, no please don't!!" Betty shouted. "It's the only way to overcome that fear.." I responded. "Out in the waiting room there are some parents and students just sitting there waiting. Let's go and entertain them with your awesome talent." I blurted. "Please no, pretty please don't." Betty stressful said. "Oh geez, you gotta work […] Read More

Double your music reading skills

double your reading skills

Mr Roland! I need you to get up and give me that magazine now! Okay. Okay! I grumbled. In my high school chemistry class for some reason I always seemed to finish my work at least 15 minutes early. I'm not a nerd I got a C grade at the end of the semester. In […] Read More

102 Famous Musicians That Were College Dropouts

102 musicians that were college dropouts

They were a group of college educators that, in 1892 established the American High School education system. Their standardization would separate the college bound and working class students from the start. In other words this group created the grades K-12. Their curriculum established how we think today as a society of automatons, brainwashed with the […] Read More