September 2014

29 Ultimate Qualities of a Band Member

Nah! If we do Ill keep getting the munchies during rehearsals. Haha! Jim giggled. "That's the eighth drummer we've audition and ever single one had their ups and downs. Man, it's hard finding the right guy.."  I sighed. It's always hard to find good help especially in a band situation. You get all kinds of […] Read More

9 Alternatives to Music College

9 alternatives to music college

Did you know..... Student loan debt has surpassed 1 trillion dollars? More than mortgage debt, consumer credit card debt, car debt, etc.. The worst part of it is you can't get out of it. You can't file bankruptcy you're stuck with it the rest of your life. Unless you receive debt forgiveness. When does that […] Read More

Guitar Capo Secrets Part 5

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Who's Tim Hughes? Those were my thoughts at the Rock Harbor church worship leader conference in Orange County a few years back. As Tim Hughes was talking about a particular song he wrote I sat down on my seat wondering who he was. One tune in particular, he was mentioning it was a song that […] Read More

Guitar Capo Secrets Part 4

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Stuck in my room trying to figure out this 4 second sax riff. Back then we didn't have apps like transcribe or the amazing slow downer app. What I had to do was rewind the tape a hundred times to capture those few second of an incredibly fast sax line. Eventually, I got it down […] Read More

Guitar Capo Secrets Part 3

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I've liked this girl for awhile now. She was a nice girl, cute and pretty. Her friends were my friends friends. If that makes any sense... Every time I'd meet up with my buddies she always tagged along and kept throwing my those little hints. But I was too dumb and scared to figure out […] Read More

Guitar Capo Secrets Part 2

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if you have missed the first part. Go ahead and click here.. The second part of this tutorial is even juicier. I go deep into how you can really play in any key with a just a few simple moves. I also expand into your diatonic modes and a couple of more chords to spicy […] Read More

Guitar Capo Secrets Part 1

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"Yup.." I answered back. "Ok, just as long as long as my brain doesn't melt and come out of my ears." Corey mumbled. "Maybe just a little. But, don't worry I got the brain melting first aid kid on my shelf just in case." I teased. "After this ill show you the guitar Capo secrets." […] Read More