August 2014

Why I Won’t Return as Music Director

worship team blues return as music director

"What?!?" Daniel shouted. "Your young, talented but you need to learn the ropes. Your maturity needs to grow bud." I said. "Your attitude need to change and you know what you did." "I'm gonna talk to pastor." Daniel shouted as he stormed out. Oh great! I thought to myself another diva. Every time this happens […] Read More

10 Causes Why Your Music Timing Sucks.

music timing sucks

Geez!! I can't stand that annoying clicking sound! Grrr!!! My student Sandy for some reason can't overcome the dislike of the metronome. I completely understand the metronome is very rigid and unemotional. It felt like she literally wanted to rip her ear loaves out. "The metronome is just another musician in the room that wants […] Read More

Learn What Poor Musicianship is All About

poor musicianship

I turned my head to the left and gave Peter a stern look when he mentioned that. "Well, the guys not Herbie Hancock but he's pretty good, besides he's an awesome guy to work with. I'd work with him anytime." I mentioned. "Maybe, I would." Peter retorted. "Whatever man!" I blurted. After the church service […] Read More

Are you a DIY worship leader?

DIY worship leader

My mind was on the verge of popping like a white head zit! Ewwww gross...!! Sorry, I'll stop with the graphic analogies. My tasks ahead were: Setting up this Sundays worship set list. Typing up lyrics for new songs. Ordering a new projector light bulb. Taking the piano to get it repaired. Taking the old […] Read More

Private Music Teacher VS. Youtube

privatmusic teacher vs youtube

Com: Commentator¬† Com 2: Commentator 2 Ref: Referee Good evening my friends and welcome to tonight's match which promises to be a true battle in every sense of the word. In the red corner weighing in at 0 lbs 0 ounces from the digital world or the World Wide Web, teaching millions of students with […] Read More