July 2014

5 Killer Guitar Hammer On and Pull off Techniques

open hammer pick guitar hammer on

As I'm sitting in isolation listening to some nice classical music that will soothe and relax my mind. I can't seem to think of an opening line. I'm having brain farts! So I guess this is what I'm going to begin with. God please help me with this next guitar tutorial. I have the topic […] Read More

8 Pitfalls of Being a Freelance Musician

pitfall of being a freelance musician

The atmosphere was electric, the bass was grooving! It was 45 minutes of funky smooth grooving music that got everybody moving their hips. The band was killing it and the singer was leading the charge with electric vocals at the illustrious House of Blues Hollywood. Overall what a great gig. After the show you get […] Read More

10 Best Guitar Strumming Patterns for Beginners

Guitar strumming pattern 8

He was always ready with his guitar which was a good thing. Steve plugged right into the small practice amp that I had in my studio. "Ok, let's go over that two hand tap pattern that we covered last week," I said. With an immense flurry, Steve was totally ripping on that guitar. For a […] Read More

10 Steps to Cutting Your Guitar Practice Routine in Half

cuttin your guitar practice routine in half

I asked 12 year old Armando,  "So, what is your goal as a guitar player?" He said, "I wanna be the best guitar player that ever lived!" Then I said, "Really? Well then, all you have to do is create a fool proof guitar practice routine and find a witch and pay her to put […] Read More

Behind the Scenes – A look at my cartoon process

Out of thyme process

But what really fascinated me was watching behind the scenes of movies and cartoons. The process was very interesting to me. The way you can create something in your head and bring it to life was mind blowing. I decided to create the behind the scenes of one of my comic gags. Ok, for starters […] Read More