June 2014

4 Reasons Why You Are Always Running Out of Thyme

md and ham thyme

Always running out of thyme? Sorry, I meant Time. Speeding down Fernwood Ave road at 60mph! Heading towards the church for rehearsal. Since I was music director you have to set the example of being early. I drove up to the gate of the parking lot at 6:30pm barely made it. I opened up the gate […] Read More

32 Qualifications of a Music Director

Winter of 1999 After 6 months of being a music director for the "Church of Jesus Christ" (not the Latter Day Saints) church choir, my vocal director who was the one in charge of the choir decided to change congregations due to personal reasons of course. Who was going to take over? Everybody immediately wanted […] Read More

There is no such thing as God given Talent!

Cartoon joe and michael jackson

"When are you guys starting?" Shouted somebody in the crowd. Usually before a gig I get anxious because I want to start making music immediately. Finally, Freddy P. got on the drums and started the groove. Then I grabbed my bass and joined in. After that each member jumped in one at a time and […] Read More

Secrets to Playing in Any Key Part 10

2 bar chord progressions featured image

Every single time when I work on a tutorial I always assume it's going to take a certain amount of time. And as you know nothing ever goes as planned as you think. This one took too long. Pulling my hair a number of times because of software glitches I finally got them done. You […] Read More

Secrets to Playing in Any Key Part 9

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This is pretty much the last of the Secrets to playing in any key tutorial. I will add the chord progressions and the major scale chart for you very soon. Don't go nowhere!   This process is not a walk in the park it takes a high level of desire, dedication and discipline just like […] Read More

Secrets to Playing in Any Key Part 8

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As the water droplets were hitting my head in the shower I always seem to come up with great ideas in the shower. But this nothing happened! It was an odd time in the shower because this is where I come up with all my different blog topics and ideas. Arghh!! No Bueno!   Few […] Read More

Secrets to Playing in Any Key Part 7

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Maybe just a couple more parts left. I was writing, sketching, inking, adding a dash of color and then lettering the other day and realized that writing a blog is only one process but an illustrated blog like mine is several processes. Here are the differences with just writing a blog here are the steps: […] Read More

Secrets to Playing in Any Key Part 6

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I never thought I would reach this many parts for a single post. I'm enjoying it by the way. it's so much fun to teach this subject. I always get questions from my own personal students about transposing music. This is a post that that will be extremely for future reference. Now! The sixth part […] Read More