April 2014

Two Unforgettable Ways to learning the Bass Clef


I always keep my phone on vibrate, I'm really not into the typical iPhone ring. My student Crystal was calling letting me know she was outside my studio waiting. I went to go get her and brought her in to start her bass lesson. She was an adult student just a few years younger than […] Read More

4 Reasons Why Most Church Musicians Are Going To Hell


"Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." Luke 23:34 There are 4 reasons why most church musicians are going to hell. note: everything in the article is just my opinion. 1. Church musicians don't study the word. Let's face it, musicians and singers don't really read or study the word […] Read More

8 Steps to Musical Genius

lil mozart

The movie is about one of the great composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It won best picture in 1985 plus many other awards. It wasn't until when I was teenager in the 90's was the first time I saw it. What an awesome movie. Mozart is considered one of histories great composers next to Bach and […] Read More

Greatest Worship Music Director of All Time

greastes music director of all time

The winner is.... Bach rules all. He is not only consider probably the greatest composer that ever lived, but also the greatest worship music director that ever lived. Bach, was born in 1685 in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany, into a family of amazing musicians. From 1723 until his death in 1750 he was at Leipzig, where he […] Read More

Are you a pigheaded church musician?

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At a small church in Lynwood, Ca, I was music director for quite some time. That summer they were reconstructing the church alter. I helped redesign the stage and it came out pretty good, I was happy with it at least. One night at rehearsal I presented a new tune from hillsongs. My poor memory […] Read More

4 Scary, Exciting and Embarrassing Events in my Life

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Most folks live very secretive lives, are very private and would not want anyone to poke around their personal life. Not me! Well... I used to be like that. I have learned that if you allow people in your life than you will live a life of abundance. You'll make relationships that can last for […] Read More

Looking for that church cheddar?

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That's the long heated debate. Just to let you know I don't get paid the cheddar at my home church Oasis. The main music director is on staff and gets paid of course. I do get paid to play at a small church every Sunday playing piano. Here's my take on it. There's nothing wrong […] Read More