January 2014

Moron’s Guide to an Awesome Band Rehearsal Part 1 of 4

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I got a call from my buddy Greg awhile back. He asked if I was available for this gig with this black gospel artist. Looking at the my schedule I was open.... so I took the gig. Pulling into the church parking lot a few days later I arrived a bit early. As the time […] Read More

One church you can avoid!

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I watched something interesting on YouTube the other day. I always tune to a show called "the comfort zone" with evangelist Ray Comfort. They post their shows daily on YouTube. Well...the last Show I watched talked about atheism becoming a religion. Sunday Assembly is the new atheist church that started in London, England. Now there […] Read More

Ever met a musical midget?

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  Walking through the hallways of the Cerritos College music department I recognized my buddy Dave, a total musical monster on the keyboards. We joined together in the gospel choir that semester. Our conversation started with music of course, and then we suddenly ventured into the importance of music theory and reading music. I suggested […] Read More

Sound Engineer Blues

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"It's too loud!", "I can't hear the singers!", blah, blah, blah. Having a tough skin is crucial when your the " sound guy". Learning from my experiences has led me to the point that you can't please everyone and sometimes you also gotta learn to ignore others if necessary. I got some pointers to make […] Read More