December 2013

One Way Worship Can Go Wrong

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When the time came around for me to join the worship team at the tender age of 12. All I thought about was trying to impress others and show off my skills. I also remember when I was around 15 years old I was playing with the gospel choir I had this sick bass line […] Read More

Embrace Change Not Just Hugs!

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I was like, NOOOOO!!!!! I'm gonna miss my favorite show Breaking Bad:(.  The outage went on for 48 hrs. Which completely changed my daily routine that I was so accustomed to. I had to adapt quickly and make a CHANGE because if I hadn't I would be miserable and not move forward with my life. […] Read More

Can you answer this evil question?

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I was taught what to believe but not why I believed it. So, I hit the books and started studying hard so I can help defend my faith. Of course everyone has their doubts about the existence of God, after studying for years it made faith even stronger. Here is the answer to that evil […] Read More

Vehicle Worship

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Don't forget to engage with Jesus in song and meditate in his word. Our character Strings likes to do some vehicle worship but sometimes he gets too engaged. Let's see what happens.   I wonder what made Strings go, "WHOA!". Stay tuned for next weeks comic and if there are special times of the day […] Read More