September 2013

What’s the LCG Foundation?

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All of this brainstorming and ideas about worship team training has really lead me to this main subject.  A subject that I call the LCG foundation. The LCG who? No it's not a phone service provider charity for the poor. They are irrefutable laws for your worship team that cannot be broken. A foundation is […] Read More

Love Trinity for Worship Teams

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Last post we talked about the LOVE word and how it's a crucial component in your worship team. I have also talked about before the Connection Trinity, and the Growth Trinity and how these fundamentals will skyrocket growth in your worship team. Just like the Gospel Trinity which is: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the "Love […] Read More

Single Greatest Thing you Can Do as a Leader of your Band!

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There are so many key components to a successful band and you can probably come up with a bunch of strategies with key points to follow. What I have learned in my many successes and failures is that there are very basic guidelines that every band needs to follow. Just like how can decorate your house […] Read More

15 Must Learn Basic Guitar Chords for Beginners Part 3

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Were are on the last leg of part three of our guitar chords for beginners. I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and if you have missed part 1 and 2. Click here for part 1 and click here for part 2. This is the last six chords and now you have all 15 basic […] Read More

15 Must Learn Basic Guitar Chords for Beginners Part 2

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Today I'm gonna be adding 5 new chords to my guitar chords for beginners tutorial. Part one this tutorial contained the first four chords and was really fun for me to write and draw and if your just joining with us and haven't checked out part one first, click here so your not lost. Now […] Read More

15 Must Learn Basic Guitar Chords for Beginners Part 1

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Today we are gonna cover the 15 basic worship guitar chords for beginners. This will be part one of a three part series. There will be a download link at the bottom of the lesson where you can have the pdf. Right click and save as to download guitar tutorial pdf As always thank you […] Read More