17 Keys to getting the Gig! part 1 of 3


17 steps to getting the gig part 1

To be continued…

17 Keys to getting the Gig

The number one skill to get the gig is to build relationship skills. This comic shows funny yet quite opposite keys of what you should be doing. But you get the point.

There are 12 more keys to this lesson. I wrote a list of almost 30 steps to relationship building but I had to remove a few steps because many of the other keys seem to relate. So I brought it down to 17 keys to get the gig.

In the following parts the comic will go deeper into relationship building. The first key in the cartoon is truly commonsense you have to go where all the major singers, musicians and producers are. If you live in Nowhere, Idaho and expect to land a gig with Usher. Good luck! But I beg to differ.

Youtube has created many stars like Justin Bieber and Charice. The tides are turning people take advantage of the new technology. You can create a fanbase via online and do your own thing or travel where the big players are and start networking. Get in the game and stick with it.

“Do it for the music not for the dollar signs.”

Stay tuned for part 2

Stay fresh.




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